AX Masterclass

A journey to become a master in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

April 8 · 2015

Mastering general journals

In this article we will look into how to create general journals from code and then on how to post it. We will look at the data model so that we get a deeper understanding of what is happening. DIXF, integration, dimensions and a lot lot more.

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April 2 · 2015

Financial Dimensions - Deep Dive

Dimensions are ways to tag each financial transaction so that you later can track and group them in a meaningful way. In this article we will dig deeper into what it is and how we can use them...

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March 18 · 2015

Learning by explaining

Do you know that feeling - when you ask a collegue about a problem, you explain the problem and then you realize what's wrong and you know how you can solve it, without them saying a word. Well, that happens a lot in my office...

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